Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software Download

Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software Download

Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software Download

OS: Windows 10/ Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit - 64bit)
Source: http://www.dymo.com/

Download 85.9MB - Software & Drivers v1.2 for XTL™ 300

Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software Download

Review - The XTL 300 is the 500's little bit of bro. It carries out almost all the very same attributes however in a smaller deal. It publishes tape evaluate to 24mm broad in a range from materials, has a colour display, a clicky QWERTY keyboard and chargeable battery.

If you have actually not review my testimonial from the XTL FIVE HUNDRED then you will definitely be actually very familiar with this printer. I am going to keep this testimonial short and sweet thus as certainly not to duplicate myself as the XTL FIVE HUNDRED and also 300 are actually extremely identical but the variations are definitely other ends of the scale.

Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software - Initial thing you observe is actually the measurements. Unlike the much bigger XTL FIVE HUNDRED this can simply be kept in one give. The 500 has actually been actually mistaken for a pc ink-jet printer because of its size. The 300 is additionally around 1000 grams lighter at just 1.1 Kilograms (with electric battery, without tape).

The primary variations on the 300 off the 500 feature:
  • A non-replaceable hands-on cutter
  • Smaller sized non-touch colour display screen
  • Optimum strip distance from 24mm
  • Smaller sized capacity electric battery (practically a third of the capability).
  • Virtually half the body weight.
  • No lug take care of however features a wrist strap.
  • Available in a kit with an instance or by itself.

This is possibly the tiniest hand-held printer on the market that produces QR codes (repair me if I mistake). As much as the QR codes look small and less comprehensive than I will count on to be understandable, the barcode scanning device on my phone could possibly browse all of them in less than a second.

The consumables.
This takes just the same consumables but just approximately 24mm. Heat reduce tubes, cable television wraps, vinyl; these will all function in this printer however it's up to selecting the right dimension. (Don't forget our heatshrink tubes calculator!).

The GUI.
That is actually just about the same as the FIVE HUNDRED. There's no touchscreen so the GUI contrasts slightly along with the placement of on-screen buttons. You have four buttons along all-time low from the screen which are going to compare with exactly what you observe on the monitor. For instance a discussion package are going to have "Conscientious" basically left and "OK" near the bottom right. This suggests the far left and far best switches will certainly execute that functionality. The 2 mid ones at times do the same of nearest switch yet will certainly do nothing unless classified.

Dymo XTL 300 Driver & Software free - It's still equally rapid (or rather "as slow-moving") as the 500 at starting up once that's running then the speed is adequate. I might possess cannot mention this on the previous assessment, however the delay in between pressing printing as well as that in fact printing may leave you thinking for a moment if you pressed the switch hard sufficient. A percentage of determination is actually required along with utilizing this ink-jet printer.

With the boot speed being actually the slowest aspect of this color printer, you might prefer to switch off the "car off" feature. By default this is actually readied to 10 minutes however you may change that to lower (10 minutes must possess been actually the most affordable in my point of view) or even off. I guess coming from the electric battery conserving component from it, this makes good sense yet I would discover that bothersome.

Last Decision.
The general dimension from the color printer is shut however no stogie in my point of view. Much like when the iPhone 6 wased initially launched, this looks too tall for its distance. The hairstyle switch is actually also huge as well as the switch to open up the tape area is as well tiny as well as much as well stiff. The QWERTY keyboard is actually wonderful for an individual with larger fingers than mine, they might battle. I would certainly wonder to observe how long the blade in the cutter lasts as it is actually exchangeable in the FIVE HUNDRED and not this. I've noticed the electric battery lifestyle decreases also when its turn off on each models, so this deserves noting you could desire to maintain this on cost constantly you're not utilizing that. The shortage of touchscreen is immaterial as this performs completely effectively with the arrow switches and the buttons around the screen. Imprint speed and also responsiveness is great except boot time and also the problem between pushing print as well as really publishing. My overall rating needs to be actually considered as a higher 7 but almost an 8. I know all my testimonials appear pretty extreme however I will not sugar-coat one thing that isn't really deserving of its own score. The electric battery lifestyle, size and also some functionality is actually the score-killer; typically this's terrific and also I would really encourage this printer and the bigger XTL FIVE HUNDRED if your budget plan will definitely stretch much enough.

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