Epson WF-M5694 Drivers Download for Mac and Windows

Epson WF-M5694 Drivers Download for Mac and Windows -
Download Epson WorkForce Pro WF-M5694 Drivers for Mac and Windows

Epson WF-M5694 Drivers Download for Mac and Windows

OS: Windows Server 2008/2003/2012/Windows 10/Windows XP/Windows Vista/8/8.1/7 (32bir & 64bit), Mac 10.7 - 10.12or later

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DOWNLOAD ← Epson WF-M5694 Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Support Mac

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Epson WF-M5694 Drivers Download for Mac and Windows and Review

Provided the color-soaked, full-HD digital age we reside in today, there sure are a lot of black-and-white company printers on the planet. As well as the majority of them-- as well as by that, we indicate all but one or two-- are printer. Taking into account that, today's review device, Epson MF-M5694 Multifunction Printer, is the rarest of rare birds. Among very few modern monochrome-only inkjets we understand of, it's also the just such multifunction-printer (MFP) model in current memory. Offered the rate as well as the ink system, as you would certainly presume, this device is made for mass text as well as file result.

Indeed, it's virtually distinct. Epson, for example, makes another mono-only WorkForce model, the non-" Pro"- assigned WorkForce WF-M1030, a single-function "just-a-printer" equipment with a much lower ability and a smaller sized function set. Nevertheless, after a substantial search of Brother's, Canon's, and HP's Web sites, while we did discover several single-function shade inkjets, inkjet designs that print just in black-and-white simply weren't a thing. Considering the substantial potential target-- the many black-and-white laser printers on the marketplace begging to be replaced by an inkjet machine with a much more hostile cost per page-- we were surprised.

And that's just how Epson markets this device: as a mono-laser rival with inexpensive black ink and simply one cartridge to switch out when the time comes. Not only is the Labor force Pro WF-M5694 a fairly durable black-and-white printer, with a 45,000-page monthly responsibility cycle (the number of pages Epson states you could print every month without excessively tiring the hardware), yet it's additionally a full-featured MFP.

Higher-end attributes that you could expect from a printer in this rate array, such as an auto-duplexing automated paper feeder (ADF), substantial ink cartridges, as well as PCL and also PostScript emulation, supply additional value.

In general, inkjet printers hold a number of advantages over laser devices in business printing. Inkjets, for one, use much less power compared to do their laser counterparts, as well as they print livelier and also better-detailed graphics and photos. As well as lately, particular inkjet printers (mostly, business-focused models) have actually shocked the marketplace by providing monochrome prints at terrifically reduced per-page ink costs. Epson's very own Labor force Pro WF-R4640$ 279.99 at, for instance, takes care of black-and-white prints for under a cent's well worth of ink each. (Granted, that's a four-figure printer that comes with a lots of ink in the box.) So do a couple of inkjet devices from HP and also Brother.

Extra realistic than the Epson WF-R4640 is the MFC-J5920DW, an additional ink miser, which prints monochrome web pages at nine-tenths of a cent each. An additional benefit of these equipments simply pointed out is that, in addition to publishing great black-and-white and gray-scale documents, pictures, and graphics, they can additionally publish in color as needed-- occasionally, depending upon the equipment itself, in fantastic color.
As a mono-only printer, the WF-M5694 does not have that flexibility, naturally. So we expected that its prime factor for being-- an extremely low cost per web page for monochrome pages-- would balance out that. Unfortunately, as compared to several of the makers simply stated, the mathematics just doesn't sustain that totally. Its cost each page for monochrome prints is a bit lofty for that of a high-volume inkjet printer. That delegates this printer to more of a personal-use or light-duty MFP, relative to some contending makers. And whether any kind of $399 mono-only printer gets approved for that duty is doubtful.

There is a prospective other hand to this equation. Specifically as compared to what you obtain from black-and-white printer, this MFP's result (generally) is fairly great when it pertains to printing images as well as graphics in monochrome. That's a thing that lots of monochrome laser printers frequently don't succeed. If you remain in the unusual function of requiring just mono result-- however that mono output has lots of embedded graphics, charts, as well as photos-- this printer could be a good-if-quirky fit, as well as it will remove the have to bother with color ink containers. However we still believe, without a knockout ink price, it's a tad pricey for what it is.

From the outdoors, the WF-M5694 looks like a midrange multifunction laser printer, topped by a 35-sheet ADF. The latter hardware allows for scanning, copying, and faxing two-sided multi-page documents without flipping the originals by hand. Note that this is a traditional ADF that feeds each side of a dual-sided paper consequently past the scanning component, not a design with twin scanning heads that scan both sides of a page in one stroke. When used in conjunction with the duplexing print engine, you could copy as much as 35 two-sided pages (70 sides) without individual treatment.

At 18.1 inches across, by 25.8 inches front to back, by 15.1 inches high, as well as evaluating a stout 31 pounds, this MFP has to do with the exact same size and weight we 'd get out of a comparable laser or laser-class (LED-array) printer. It's a little as well big for your desktop computer, yet not so large that you ought to have trouble locating an area for it, especially considering all this printer's connectivity options.

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